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Nashik couple's under-weight quadruplets finally survive after a month


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A Nashik couple, which was blessed with not one, but four bundles of joy on August 7, is now breathing a sigh of relief. After watching their four un­der-weight babies struggle for life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at JJ Hospital for over a month, the doctors allowed the parents to take their three daughters and a son home on Sunday.

Quadruplets, till date, are a rare occurrence – one among 7 lakh women around the world are known to deliver four babies at a time.

Apparently, the couple had been trying to conceive since the last six years. Dr Ashok Anand, gynaecology head of department at the hospital, said, “The mother, 29, had several health co­m­­plications, which were affecting her chances of getting pregnant. She was referred to our hospital from doctors in Nashik in July, when tests revealed that she would be delivering quadruplets. She went into labour on the 34th week of pregnancy and had to undergo a C-section.”

Dr Anand added, “The delivery was done by one of our gynecologists, Dr Preeti Lewis. Since the babies were very weak, we had to keep them und­er observation in the NICU for a mo­n­th. But they recovered completely and were discharged on Sunday.”

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